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Around Us
South Korea Tourist Hotel is built for the convenience of tourists. Most of the major tourist places are situated around the hotel. The places are very close to the hotel with easy transportation. Tourists can easily find buses, taxis, and trains to travel to the places around. If you are not aware of what places to visit on your tour, here we present a list of must-see attractions.

Caribbean Bay

This is a water park which is located right next to Everland. You can find various water sports like giant pools, wave pool, scary water slides, shallow pools etc, it is designed to suit all age groups. It gives you maximum enjoyment throughout the day. So, to enjoy just drive 35 minutes from our hotel.


This wonderful amusement park with various rides and games, and theme festivals. This is also the biggest theme park in Korea. Visitors can enjoy spending a day full in Everland with their friends and family. T-Express and wooden roller coaster are the most loved rides by the young visitors. Themed festivals like Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash, Halloween Festival, Romantic Illumination, and many other fests are performed to give a memorable trip to visitors. It takes 35 minutes from our hotel to this park.

Gwanggyo Lake Park

A park around the lake has become the famous tourist attraction in Suwon. Gwanggyo lake park is a perfect place for the evening walk with your loved ones. With the fresh air flowing, you can also plan your daily exercise like walking, jogging or a morning run. There are cafes near the park where you can just sit back and enjoy your snack or beverage. This park is very near to the South Korea Tourist Hotel, which hardly takes 15 minutes to reach the park.

Hoam Art Museum

The museum showcasing the art gallery from historic to contemporary artworks. Feel the quietness and relax in Korean traditional arts and nature. Most of the people visit the art museum to enjoy the beautiful garden filled with flowers around the museum. This is the perfect place for clicking photos. It takes just 30 minutes to reach the museum from our hotel.

Hwaseong Temporary Palace

The Hwaseong Temporary Palace is a fun place for family and friends. This has also become a romantic wedding photography place. Just walk around the palace and enjoy nature with your partner. The palace tells you about Korean history at different portions of the palace. Drive for 20 minutes from the South Korea Tourist Hotel to reach this beautiful Hwaseong Temporary Palace.

Jidong Market

The market is well known for its best food. Jidong Market sells all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and meat. People can bargain for these fresh products and get them at the best price. You can also find Korean dried herbs and ingredients which are essentially used in their cooking. It is said that a few items can be found only in the Jidong Market. Most of the nearby residents of Suwon often visit the market for their daily cooking essentials. The market is just 15 mins from our South Korean Tourist hotel which makes convenient for tourist to visit anytime.

Korea Folk Village

The traditional culture of Korea can be observed at Korea Folk Village. You can see pictures and models of old Korean cultures. Performances like farmer’s music (nongak ) traditional wedding ceremony, martial art on horseback and so on, is performed by the artists to entertain tourists. Inside there are eateries like traditional rice cakes, pancakes, and other traditional foods for visitors. Korea Folk Village is 35 minutes away from our hotel.

Suwon World Cup Stadium

The Suwon World Cup Stadium was built for 2002 world cup. The stadium is also called as Bigbird as it looks like a bird stretching its wings when seen from the top. The stadium has been home to Suwon Samsung Bluewings football club. From South Korea Tourist hotel it is just a 10 minutes drive to the stadium.

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